About Founder

DAMARQIO (DK) WILLIAMS is an American father, author, international motivational speaker, and community ambassador. From fatherless to fatherhood to father in the hood, his mission is simple: build the future and restore the past. Williams currently resides on the east side of Detroit, Michigan with his lovely wife, La’Nyce and their beautiful daughter, Jenesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

DetroitFather’s mission is to empower fatherless men in Metro Detroit by providing mentorship and support to help them develop their personal identity, social awareness, and community engagement. We believe that by fostering positive male role models, we can make a significant impact on urban communities.
As a social media consulting firm, DetroitFather collaborates with brands and organizations to expand and amplify the impact of fatherhood in urban communities. We offer paid partnerships to establish brand identity, create engaging content, and strategically promote diversity within the brand’s messaging. By leveraging our expertise in social media, we help clients connect with their target audience and make a positive difference.
DetroitFather’s services are primarily designed for brands and organizations that are committed to making a difference in urban communities, particularly in areas like Detroit. We work with companies that value the importance of fatherhood and want to promote positive narratives surrounding it. However, our mentorship program is specifically tailored to fatherless men in Metro Detroit.
Brands and organizations can partner with DetroitFather through paid partnerships. These partnerships involve collaboration on content creation, social media campaigns, and strategic brand development. By working together, we can help establish a brand’s presence in urban communities and amplify their positive impact.
While DetroitFather primarily focuses on working with brands and organizations, individuals who are passionate about our mission can support us by following our social media accounts, engaging with our content, and spreading awareness about the importance of fatherhood in urban communities. Additionally, individuals can contribute by volunteering or providing resources to support our mentorship program for fatherless men in Metro Detroit.