Well, it is time to say goodbye to the long summer days and hello to school. This is the first full-day, in-person, school routine that my family has endured together. Last year as we did in-home virtual learning, we had a fair routine, but this year is completely different. NeedlessContinue Reading


This post is sponsored by LightStream, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Have you ever had to make a decision that put your family in a better situation? Well as a husband, dad, and head of my household…I do it all the time. It is theContinue Reading


There is a consensus the pandemic has made the work to keep our home clean more visible. For many families the chore gap has widened, a term that honestly I had never heard of before this awareness. Typically the chores around the house: cleaning floors, dishes, and appliances fall onContinue Reading

Hey there, parents! So I know like me many of you are always trying to find the best ways to create fun and safe experiences for your children. Well, I have the perfect new gadget to share with you from my personal experience. And I know that both you andContinue Reading

Everything is on the fringe of the coronavirus right now. From where we eat (home) to where we work (home) and where we spend all of our time (home), it is all dictated by the pandemic. Thankfully, my family has found some unique ways to bond and maintain a senseContinue Reading