#KeepGrowing Did you know that gardens are essential to life? Early generations of people were able to create habitation once they learned to plant their food gather than moving from area to area gathering what they could find to eat. Gardening gives more control over your life. Last year inContinue Reading

#DetroitVibes Traveling to the gem of the Detroit River, Belle Isle, situated in northeast Detroit. A full day escape of the busyness of the city life. Belle Isle is by far one of our favorite places to visit year-round in Detroit. Belle Isle has a host of great things toContinue Reading

Everyone should know that their life matters, especially our children. Thank you Martin Luther King High School in Detroit, Michigan for the reminder. Though the world stops to celebrate Black History during the month of February, it was a gentle reminder of the importance to recognize black history year-round. ForContinue Reading

A day meant to help young people imagine their future adult lives as full of professional possibility. But it is more than than that for us. During the day when I am away from my beautiful family, I work as a project manager for the largest full service real estateContinue Reading