I think it goes without saying…being a man who grew up without his father is hard. But being a father of a daughter is a different kind of hardship. It requires me as a dad to double down on their care, attention and love.

One of the greatest lessons that I feel like I can pass along to my daughter is to show her that anything that I can do, she can do better. It doesn’t matter our gender difference. It is our mindset. Thanks to our friends at Home Depot for helping us always make this lesson a tangible learning opportunity. 

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This Father’s Day we planned a few projects around our house (sponsored by The Home Depot) to do together as a daddy/daughter team. My daughter loves being on my team – everything is better together. To get started, we like to write out our plan of action before we head to the BIG orange store (as my daughter calls The Home Depot Store). 

On this trip, we are grabbing a few things like mulch, lawn bags, and gloves to work in our garden. In addition to upgrading our Ring home security system and building our bonfire Adirondack chairs. But our biggest project is centered around our new love for soccer as my daughter is officially in the Detroit Kid’s Soccer League. We are building our very own soccer goal net for our backyard. 

I remember when we brought our new home back in 2018, my daughter was 2 years old at the time and started going with me on the many trips to The Home Depot. Thankfully, the store is less than a mile down the street from our house and takes us about 8 mins from our door to walking in the big automatic doors at The Home Depot. We arrive at The Home Depot, the first thing we must do is find the shopping cart with the HD car in it. My daughter will not have it any other way and it doesn’t matter what we must get from the store.

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I must admit that I was amazed at how much fun and simple this project actually was for my daughter and I! You honestly need less than ten items: 

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We started our project by first laying out all the PVC parts and organizing by the appropriate size. This saves so much time in the long run. From here it is simple to start with the bigger PVC pieces and work your way down to the smaller pieces with connection PVC parts. We completed this DIY soccer net spending less than $40 and only took 40 minutes to complete. 

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The best part of Father’s Day for me is spending time with my family – whether it is building a soccer net or scoring a goal against my daughter, it is the intentional time together that matters most. Thank you to The Home Depot Store for helping me get things done. Everything that we needed for our home projects, even the fun ones, we always find it at The Home Depot Store. 

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