Hey there, parents! So I know like me many of you are always trying to find the best ways to create fun and safe experiences for your children. Well, I have the perfect new gadget to share with you from my personal experience. And I know that both you and your child will LOVE it. The all new Gizmo Watch by Verizon. There is no escaping the future of technology in this fast-paced world. My daughter started with an obsession with her mom’s iPad; however, since locking herself out of it and stores adhering to all the safety precautions, we have been unable to unlock it. This created a great opportunity to research the best way to create entertaining fun while ensuring her safety. That led us to the Gizmo Watch.

Because my daughter is still considered a toddler, it is important to create safety boundaries as she explores the world of technology. That’s why instead of giving her my old cellphone, we decided the Gizmo Smartwatch would be the perfect next step. For all of us who have children who are too young to understand what great responsibility comes with having a cell phone. With the Gizmo Watch, your child will receive the experience of what it feels like to be independent with safe technology and parents get peace of mind when it comes to the exact location of their child.

Let’s take a closer look:

What is the Gizmo Smartwatch?

  • The Gizmo Watch is a wearable device that allows your child two-way calling + texting with up to ten contacts. The only calls they can make or receive are to and from the contacts you load to your child’s device.
  • Relatively safe, the gadget has limited texting capabilities. There are 9 pre-loaded text messages (i.e. “I love you”, “yes”, “no”) The only people who can text your child are those that are set-up as caregivers (the phone allows up to nine contacts) and also have the Gizmo Hub app on their phone (I will get to that later).
  • The watch is armed with a GPS locator (one of my favorite features)! You can see where your child is located at all times, and even setup alerts if they leave from a confirmed location.
  • There is a fitness tracker and you can send reminders.

Where can you buy the Gizmo Watch?

How much does a Gizmo Gadget cost?

  • $99.99

What phone service provider do I need?

  • Verizon is preferred.

How much does it cost to add a gadget to you or your relative/friend’s Verizon plan?

  • $5/monthly

What is dad’s favorite feature?

  • GPS Locator – especially when she is riding her bike or playing at her friend’s house.

What is daughter’s favorite feature?

  • Quick Dial — calling one of her 10 trusted contacts, majority of the time, it is mom or dad.

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