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Have you ever had to make a decision that put your family in a better situation? Well as a husband, dad, and head of my household…I do it all the time. It is the greatest responsibility to protect and provide for my family. But it is not always cheap and sometimes responsible debt is the only option to meet the need.


Living in downtown Detroit in a one-bedroom apartment was perfectly nice when it was just my wife and me. But when we had a new addition to our family, we easily grew out of the space. Looking for a bigger apartment with the revitalizing rental rates in the market was not the smartest option. So, our next option was to look at buying our first home. No down payment saved and no experience as homeowners, we bought our first home, and it was perfect (or so we thought).

We soon realized that home ownership comes with the need for home improvements to ensure a safe and comfortable place to reside. We turned to high-interest credit cards to manage our unexpected expenses (if only we’d known about home improvement loans from LightStream!) in order to buy all-new appliances: oven, refrigerator, washer machine, and dryer. This was the best way I could ensure my family had proper meals to eat and clean clothes to wear. But I also knew in the back of my head that I would need to make a plan to pay off the debt responsibility.


For many people who find themselves with more debt than they desire, it may seem like you will always be in debt. From the gradual interest accrual and changes in revolving minimum payments changing, debt consolidation can be a solid tool to help you simplify your finances. Being a parent and business owner, it is important for me to leverage debt responsibly and maintain good established credit.  Knowing that LightStream has a loan that is perfect for helping me to consolidate all of three of my credit card balances is a huge stress reliever that we all could use right now. The ability to take a big step toward controlling my financial future is important to me not just as a business owner, but as a husband and father. The LightStream debt consolidation loan is a streamlined online loan process that gives families the choice of your funding date and repayment terms. With extremely competitive, low-interest fixed rates, LightStream helps your family manage debt responsibly with no surprise interest-rate increases. 


Life after debt is possible and with the freedom to choose how to eliminate it, there is peace after debt. It is my goal to set my daughter up for financial freedom. But this goal can only be achieved as I model the good behavior for established credit and purposeful debt. Debt can come with a negative stigma as it is often associated with careless and selfish spending behavior. But from student loan debt to medical debt to home improvements, it is safe to say that much of my debt has come with the hope of paving a better life for my family. Plus, I can leave a solid financial future for generations to come, I can leave this note of love sharing the amazing benefits that come with LightStream. Think about what your debt says about your life and future legacy. But more importantly what does it feel like to you and those you love? To help start the process of debt consolidation and achieve your financial freedom, please click my special link,, my readers can receive a .10% APR discount on their loan, if you’re approved. Visit to learn more.

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