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Now many of us parents and adults can remember the nostalgic theme song, “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, it’s beautiful for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine.”  Come on, even my 4-year-old daughter knows it because of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This song rang out daily after school. Honestly, just thinking about the “good ole’ days” makes me wish I could be a kid again. Like seriously, if you could be a kid again – would you want to? What would you do? How much time would spend just having fun?

There is very little time, as a father and small business owner, to just sit and ponder on the beauty of childhood. Those moments that shaped and formed you into the person you are today. But “When You Wonder, You’re Learning” helped me to put much of my childhood and fatherhood journey in perspective. This beautifully written tribute to the giant of a man, Mr. Fred Rogers, and call to action for all humans is nothing short of a miracle.

Now if I am honest, I was nervous about reading another parenting book as a fear that it would be the same old topics and no real inspiration to be better. But boy was I wrong, from the foreword to the epilogue, I was intrigued to keep reading.

Hoping the book up with the perspective of the wife of the late Fred Rogers was truly remarkable. Joanne Rogers pens a love note to Fred and readers sharing how blessed she was to be the wife of Fred Rogers. To know that this foreword was written in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic really showed how important the work and legacy of Fred Rogers was to our society.

With such a sweet and compelling foreword from the closest person to the late Fred Rogers, the scene is set, and everything is ready for Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski to reveal how transformative the “tools for learning”: creativity, curiosity, and compassion can be in our society. A book written for anyone who cares about children and the future of our world, Behr and Rydzewski masterfully explore what is most critical about the Neighborhood that resonates with the reader.

Without giving much away, Behr and Rydzewski have made me wish I could be a kid for simply one day to spark the creativity, curiosity, and compassion that we all need in our communities now – more than ever before. If you are like me and craving more inspiration to be the change that we need in the world, then do yourself a favor – get a copy of this book now! Click this link here: and order your copy without delay.

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