Winters for our family have always been difficult. The extreme, cold weather here in Michigan mixed with the shorter days is honestly brutal. Now to add to the dreadful season, a global pandemic, yikes. Is it spring yet? But kids (like my daughter) don’t care or fully understand any ofContinue Reading

Sponsored by The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services I seriously cannot believe that it took me so many years to finally get a flu shot. If I’m honest, I never got my flu shot for two reasons: (1) fear of the long needle and (2) fear of theContinue Reading

Hey there, parents! So I know like me many of you are always trying to find the best ways to create fun and safe experiences for your children. Well, I have the perfect new gadget to share with you from my personal experience. And I know that both you andContinue Reading

#KeepGrowing Did you know that gardens are essential to life? Early generations of people were able to create habitation once they learned to plant their food gather than moving from area to area gathering what they could find to eat. Gardening gives more control over your life. Last year inContinue Reading