The Top Things To Do To Enjoy The Holidays

As we are in the busy holiday season, there are so many threats to having safe and enjoyable time with our loved ones. What are you most excited about this holiday season? Personally, my family and I are excited to do some nesting at home and enjoy some deep relaxation. This year has been super busy for us all and it is the perfect time to just slow down and enjoy a couple weeks of rest before the new year.

Most of my family have already been sick this month with a common cold or other virus. So as we prepare to spend time with other family and friends, we are making sure that we take the proper precautions to stay healthy and safe. It is no secret that our family chooses to vaccinate and trust the science provided to Michigan parents.

This holiday we are giving the gift of staying safe and healthy to each other by all getting our flu shots and making sure we are current on all vaccinations. As many people focus on COVID-19 vaccine and the booster, there are less people remembering to get their annual flu shot and staying up to date on all vaccinations.

We believe that every parent has the choice to decide what is best for their children and family. And we also choose to believe that vaccines are true gifts to communities like ours in Detroit. As we go out shopping in busy stores, have fun at the downtown holiday activations, and even travel to visit loved ones; we recognize that getting our vaccinations will keep us safe and healthy. This gift of safety and wellness is the best gift that we can give to everyone around us.

Thanks to I Vaccinate MI for allowing my family to share our gift with others. We believe that vaccines are safe, effective, and help protect everyone. We also provide that vaccinate protect our children and teens from 16 vaccine-preventable diseases – including HPV, which can cause six types of cancer. We are proud partners of I Vaccinate and this content is sponsored by I Vaccinate.

This holiday season, we join most parents who do choose to vaccinate and add our voices to the positive experiences on why vaccination is important.

From my family to yours, we wish you and your family, Happy Holidays.

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