There is a consensus the pandemic has made the work to keep our home clean more visible. For many families the chore gap has widened, a term that honestly I had never heard of before this awareness. Typically the chores around the house: cleaning floors, dishes, and appliances fall on one person in the house. But we are excited to spread awareness to make a change.


For more than 100 years, we have spent time with you, and worked to design products that make cleaning a little easier, a little more joyful, and importantly – able to be shared by others. Yet, too often there is inequality in the division of household work, creating a “chore gap” at home. As we spend more time at home, and the work piles up, this gap can easily get wider. Making it more important than ever to close it.


Since we’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve witnessed how much my wife has on her plate both professionally and around the house to keep our home clean. Honestly, I never realized that our housework isn’t divided equally – and I especially didn’t know there was a term for it. Yes – it’s commonly known as the “chore gap”. As a father, I believe it is so important now more than ever to be an example to our daughter and stay engaged in chores around the house. When household chores are not shared at home, we reinforce gender stereotypes and put undue stress on one person. That’s why now on Saturday mornings, we wake up, eat breakfast and put on our favorite cleaning playlist for daddy-daughter cleaning day. From deep cleaning to simple tidying up, we grab our favorite Swiffer Sweeper and tackle it all together. I’m proud to partner with Swiffer, which designs products that make it easier for everyone to help with chores. Do you have a designated family cleaning day or do you split cleaning responsibilities around the house?


We know everyone’s home is different – so everyone’s chore gap looks different – but we know that when the chore gap gets smaller, things get better. When chores are done together, relationships improve. When kids take on chores, they learn responsibility. When everyone rolls up their sleeves at home, everyone wins. Because when we close the chore gap, we create more equality at home. And
when we create more equality at home, we create more equality in the world.

Will you commit to helping close the chore gap?

Join P&G and commit to closing the chore gap in your home. After committing, take the short survey about habits in your own home. When you have Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap selected as your cause, a cleaning product will be donated to help a family in need close their own chore gap.

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